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    Driving Dealer Profits since 1983

    Who We Are

    We're not road warriors, bringing you cheap product from the trunks of our cars and we're not the fancy suit either, who only flies in quarterly to shake a few hands.  We're an independent business - just like you.  Our team is dedicated, competent and diverse.  Not only do you speak to us on the phone (we don't even have hold music) but if you need us, we're right down the street.  We have an office in Hamden where our admin and insurance team are, but for most of us, our "offices" are in your dealerships.  Our favorite place to be is in your stores learning about your operation, training your staff and making a difference in your dealership.

    Our Story

    35 Years in the Making

    President, Anthony Zammataro started CreditGuard Corporation in 1983. For 35 years our company has provided finance and insurance products and services to automotive dealers in the Connecticut market and beyond.  

    Our Mission

    Do the right thing.  It's no secret that the car business is a challenging environment, but we've thrived for 35 years by doing right by our dealers.  

    Why we are Better

    You, the dealer have many choices when it comes to an F&I provider. Factory programs, direct deals and other companies offer F&I products, but not the same degree of attention, customization and committment to time spent in your store. That's where we stand apart from the crowd.

    Missing Out?

    Reach Out

    Ever wish you had a second chance to sell that VSC to your customer who walked out without one?  Let our licensed and trained experts reach out on your behalf.  Coverage your customer needs and increased profits for you.  


    Want to uncover opportunities that are sitting in your customer files?  Let our licensed and trained experts remarket to your past customers.  Their warranties may have expired or that customer who didn't buy the first time around may have had a change or heart.

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    Convenience is King

    Our Auto Insurance Program

    In today's environment consumers expect a one-stop shop experience - it's all about convenience.  What's more convenient than having instant access to auto insurance when buying a car?

    Temporary Auto Insurance

    We're the exclusive provider of Temporary Auto Insurance, which can provide your customer with a "no questions asked" instant auto insurance policy right from your desktop.

    Permanent Auto Insurance

    Does your customer qualify for a preferred auto insurance policy, but they can't get an insurance card because their agent is on the golf course instead of in his office? Give us a call - we can help with that.

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